Trenes de Juguete


Mi first album, a set of minimalism songs. Released May 17, 2007.


My first album, a set of minimalism songs. Recorded with little resources but much illusion in my home studio, Toy Trains is a look back to my childhood, and the little memories I managed to keep in spite of adulthood, routine, work, responsibilities, and all the burdens of our daily lives… A nostalgic view of a happier time in my life.

The cover art is courtesy of Betsy Jean (Thanks, Betsy!). The songs “Una tarde de otoño vista a través de la ventana” and “casi un grito de rabia” include a radio sample taken from the “Texas Radio Theatre Company”.

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  1. 02 - Y, de repente, me curaste Bosques de mi Mente 5:10
  2. 08 - Recuerdo infantil Bosques de mi Mente 6:32


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Released May 17, 2007.

Ignacio Nieto Carvajal – Piano, mellotron, guitars, drums, keyboards, flute, sounds, and samples.

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