All is not darkness (O.S.T)



Embarking on my first album in seven years marks a profound chapter. The decision to liquidate my properties and embrace a nomadic journey in 2017 was transformative. The pandemic, an unforeseen disruptor, forced me into introspection though, questioning identity and life’s purpose amid darkness. Many things were lost in the aftermath of the pandemic. In this challenging period, I found solace in music again. Settling in Lisbon became my sanctuary, reigniting my musical journey and allowing me to explore a more cinematic side of my sound.

Through hauntingly beautiful compositions and evocative soundscapes, I share my journey with the world—a voyage of self-discovery, resilience, and the profound belief that, even in the darkest of moments, all is not darkness.

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  1. You were sleeping, and I thought you were the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen Bosques de mi Mente 15:14
  2. The longest, darkest winter II Bosques de mi Mente 2:33


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Released April 11, 2016.

All music composed, recorded, and mastered by Ignacio Nieto Carvajal.

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